Sunday, March 30, 2014


Posted by Rachel

Hello everyone! This is a group blog for 8 friends who are planning to do an Ironman in 2015. (Ok, at least 4 of the 8 people I'm referring to here are going to be upset that I've committed them to an Ironman, but peer pressure for athletic events has been very effective in this group in the past). None of us felt up to the challenge of having sole responsibility for our own blog, so we decided to create a group blog. Here are a few tidbits about us to get you started:

1.) 6 of us have engineering degrees (read: Writing may NOT be our strong suit. But we can try.)
2.) We drink a lot of wine, hence the blog link. In the past, we have been known to combine wine with training activities. A summary of findings: wine burns when taken as a shot during a run, but is generally acceptable and goes down easy during biking. Wine + swimming is TBD (unless you count a "double backflip" into a hot tub as swimming. In that case, wine + swimming = BAD).
3.) We are in California, which you will probably figure out when we start posting pictures of our winter training and you never see any snow. (Hey guys, we have to remember to take pictures of our training. And because we did not heed this advice today, I will include a picture taken from the car window after our 38 mile bike in Napa. Don't worry people, it'll get better.)

That's all from me for now because I'm hungry (which I'm sure will be another recurring theme in this blog). Stay tuned!